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Why is Resilience Important?

Resilience makes change possible.

Leading a team of people is about taking them on a journey to accomplish shared goals for the organization. Leading a team also means taking each team member on a journey to accomplish his or her own goals for personal and professional development. This is what leaders do.

The leadership journey is always long and hard because goals worth reaching are never easy to get to. There will be adaptive challenges along the way that require people to change their assumptions and come up with new approaches. Change will be required and change always creates adversity.

Do you work in a challenging environment characterized by continuous change?

Do you want to lead people successfully on these journeys?

The late Warren Bennis, the pioneer scholar of contemporary leadership, concluded that “adaptive capacity or resilience is the single most important quality in a leader or in anyone else for that matter who hopes to lead a healthy, meaningful life”.

Resilience enables people to overcome adversity by adapting and growing. Resilience is essential for successful and sustainable change. Most organizational and personal change initiatives will fail due to a lack of resilience. Resilience makes change possible.

Our Purpose

Our vision is to make change possible on a grand scale. This is our purpose. We want to help organizations change. We want to help people change. Our day-to-day mission at the RBLP Organization is to teach the world about the leader practices that build resilience.

The Resilience-Building Leadership Program is based on research conducted by Dr. Gene Coughlin. Gene is a retired military officer turned leadership scholar. He is an expert and thought leader on how organizations and people learn, adapt, grow, and change.

His doctoral research at Pepperdine University examined the specific practices that military leaders use to build resilience in the Armed Forces. He has also studied the practices of corporate and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, first responders, and sports coaches to determine how they build resilience in their organizations.

The Resilience-Building Leader Practices that he identified can be used by leaders in any line of work.

RBLP Leader Practices

The three foundational leader practices that build resilience in an organization are:

  1. Develop Cohesion: Teamwork requires trust and mutual respect.
  2. Create a Positive Climate: Leaders earn trust, enforce discipline, treat their people with respect, and have fun.
  3. Instill a Sense of Purpose: Purpose answers the question…Why?

The nine supporting leader practices that build resilience in an organization are:

  1. Demonstrate Character: Leaders show moral courage, humility, empathy, and honesty.
  2. Build Relationships: Leaders show genuine concern for their subordinates.
  3. Empower Leaders: Demand leadership from everyone on your team.
  4. Provide Realistic Training: Leaders provide training that builds competence and confidence.
  5. Manage Expectations: Expect the best, but also imagine the worst-case scenario and prepare your people for it.
  6. Keep People Informed: Leaders get face-to-face and communicate with their people.
  7. Share in the Risks:…and stay calm under pressure.
  8. Talk about Setbacks:…and keep teams moving through obstacles.
  9. Focus on the Mission:…and do not second-guess decisions.

About Us

The RBLP Organization is a social entrepreneurial venture. We donate 15% of RBLP certification gross revenue to veterans organizations. We are especially interested in funding programs that support veterans transitioning from military service into positions of leadership in new companies and communities. We learned much of what we know about building resilience from the military example, and we appreciate it.

RBLP Certification

Support our Kickstarter campaign to fund full website development. The campaign will start early November and run through mid-December. Backers will get a voucher for RBLP certification for only $100. The exam fee will be $535 when the site officially launches.

Resilience-Building Leadership Professional (RBLP) certification is a one-time professional expense with no requirement to renew.

Functional certifications in disciplines such as project management, human resources, facilities management, and information technology are about managing process.

RBLP certification is about leading people. RBLP certification is a commitment to leadership excellence.

Most hiring managers pay considerable attention to an applicant’s certifications when they make hiring decisions. Adding the RBLP certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile will make you more competitive. Most importantly, RBLP training and certification will make you a better leader and increase your earning potential.

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